The association


The equipment of the association

The association offers a wide range of approved equipments and adapted to the individual autonomy for both alpine skiing and Nordic skiing and for the practice of mountain biking wheelchair in summer.

For winter activities, the association now has a wide range of equipments maintained and revised regularly by volunteer members (10 uniskis, 2 dualskis, 2 dualskis drivers, 1 dualski tempo, 2 scarvers, 3 GMS, 3 tandemskis (including 1 flex) 1 Nordic sledge, 2 pairs of long outriggers...)

dualski (picture)tandemski (picture)

For the summer activities, the association has a smaller range of equipment with 2 mountain biking wheelchair (Quadrix Hand's) drived independently by the disabled person range.

quadrix (picture)output chairlift Quadrix (picture)