Winter equipment rates

Uniski - Dualski - Scarver - Dualski drived - GMS - Tandemski - Long outriggers - Luge Nordic
The annual membership subscription to the club is € 20 whatever the type of equipment used and must be paid on the first day of the making available.

Use of equipment with instructor state certified

Number of days Rates in € Further information
The first day of use subscription 20 €

+ French Ski School vaccation (Alpine and Cross country)
(39 € per hour or € 58.50 an hour and a half)

From the 2nd day 8 € / day

Use of equipment only

Number of days Rates in € Further information
The first day of use subscription 20 € • Independent Skier: indicate the level of skiing
• Driver: provide the certificate of accreditation to pilot the equipment and a certificate of liability insurance.
• Deposit: 
                       € 1600 for all types of material sitting
                       € 800 Cross country sledge
                       € 200 large outriggers

It is strongly advised to be accompanied by a valid skier responsible to assist in all circumstances (fall, obstacles, breaking technique ...).
1/2 day 13 €
Day (up to 4 days) 23 €
5 days 110 €
6 days 126 €
more (/day) 20 €

The costs of providing equipment cover equipment maintenance costs. The material is under your full responsability and a check for deposit will be required if the material is not reported every night at the cottage Handiski Club Loisirs. In case of damage of the equipment, repair costs will be charged: € 80 ski breaks, broken or damaged outriggers € 50, broken straps € 10, other damage at actual expenses.

In addition to the equipment rate:
- Remember to buy your ski passes for the lifts.
- Make sure you are properly insured for relief on slopes and off-piste.